Yvonne Flanders

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and NMAS Mediator

My Dream is to Make Mediation the First Choice”

“My goal is to reduce the stress and cost for all parties involved in mediation by facilitating effective and efficient mediation that will produce long-lasting agreements. I can assist you in resolving the issues in a way that is personally empowering and suitable for you in an environment of dignity and mutual respect. ” 
Yvonne has met the requirements of the Attorney General’s Department and is a registered:

  • FDRP – Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner
  • NMAS – National Mediator Accredited System
  • Child Inclusive Mediator and Counsellor
  • New Ways For Families Certified Practitioner

Yvonne provides mediation services for couples and families to resolve financial issues including spousal or child support, medical care, education expenses and division of assets; parenting schedules, communication issues between parents about children and a wider range of issues experienced in every day living.

Yvonne encourages mediation rather than litigation  in legal proceedings as the court make decisions for you instead of you coming up with your own solutions.

Yvonne will help you resolve issues in a respectful way that is personally empowering and suitable for you, always being mindful of your future life, letting purpose drive the process.

Professional Background

Yvonne works with people as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and NMAS Mediator and in the areas of behavioural health therapy, specializing in couples, domestic violence, parenting skills, and family issues.

Yvonne is a member of the Mi RMAB – Mediation Institute , Resolution Institute, Australian Counselling Association


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