Mediation is the best solution for
separating couples

Family Dispute Resolution(FDR)

Mediation Helps You...

Put Your Children First

By focusing on them and their needs in maintaining supportive relationships with both their parents.

Find Financial Security

By achieving mutually agreed, equitable and fair division of you and your partner’s assets.

Reduce Separation Conflict

By avoiding possibly mutually destructive and costly court conflicts in an environment of respect and dignity.

Who I help

Couples Going Through Separation or Divorce

Parents Looking For the Best Outcomes for the Children

Couples Looking for a Fair Financial Statement

Mediation vs Litigation


6 keys to separating without an expensive court battle

Why Mediate with Me?

  • I work to maintain integrity of relationships
  •  I help you get through your separation with dignity 
  • I work to ensure your children are looked after emotionally 
  • I work towards the best possible financial outcomes 
  • I help you negotiate with a difficult spouse 
  • I have compassion and understanding for your difficult situation 
  • I help you plan for your future hopes and dreams 
  • I successfully work with people who have experienced family violence 
  • I have the skills to work with high conflict people

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