Fixed Fee Online Mediation

This is based on the program outlined. All further work will be charged at a rate of $220 per hour.

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How It Works:

Family Dispute Resolution - Online

Mediation offers a neutral space in which parents can discuss parenting and property issues with a view to developing a Parenting Plan or Property Agreement that best meets the changing needs of their family. Mediation is a way for families to remain in control of their family’s future, you make the decisions. There are no huge legal fees or long court waiting times. Uncoupling offers a fixed price mediation service all the while maintaining a high quality, personalized service. We listen to your concerns and provide information designed to assist you in reaching child-friendly parenting or property agreements. The whole process can be completed within a week if all parties are available immediately.

How Online Mediation works :

For some people online mediation is perfect. We meet in a Zoom meeting room. You enjoy the flexibility of scheduling the appointments at a convenient time, evenings and weekends are a possibility. There is no hassle of having to allow travel time and having to arrange transport to an appointment.
Some people choose to engage in the Initial Consultation, the Intake & Assessment and/or the Pre Mediation on the telephone for convenience. Both of these mediums offer you the same confidential quality service. Then both parties meet together in an online Zoom meeting room for the FDR Mediation.
We expect that the mediation will be completed within the 3 hours allocated, however, sometimes, on rare occasions an additional mediation session may be required depending on the number of agenda items and progress made in the mediation session. This would incur an extra cost of $220 per hour including GST.
In some circumstances, the Mediator may assess your matter as ‘not appropriate for mediation’ and issue an S60i certificate. This may occur at any stage of the mediation process.
We strongly recommend you seek legal advice understand your position and to ensure your parenting or property agreement is founded in current family law principles of ‘The best interest of the child’ and, in terms of property, ‘Fair and Equitable’. 


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