What People Are Saying About Yvonne

“I first met Yvonne when she was a student at Mediation Institute while she was living in Brazil as an ex-pat Australian and gaining qualifications for her return to Australia. At the time I was impressed with her attitude, thoughtfulness and compassion.

Since she became an accredited family dispute resolution practitioner we have remained in contact and I invited her to become part of the team with Interact Support and use some of her surplus capacity to provide dispute resolution services to our clients.

I have also invited Yvonne to be part of the faculty of Mediation Institute due to her skills and knowledge in working with families to help them to understand the impact of their conflict on their children and to develop parenting agreements that protect the children and work for the parents.

Yvonne also provides coaching and counselling for people who want to work with a professional to deal with challenges they are experiencing or to build their resilience.”

Joanne Law

Dispute resolution practitioner and educator.
Creator of the Mediator Musings podcast and co-founder of Interact Support

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